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Advantages of water transport It is the naturally unit for navigation, and it fully utilized for irrigation purpose.

Transportation Why Transportation is Important in India Short Essay by Sandeep Posted on Monday, April 10th, Transportation In the worldwide, transportation value is vital to migrating from one place to another location.

The growth of Indian Railways during these years can be said to be really phenomenal. We must also consider the fact that due to its regular services, the Railways play an important part in making available the products, even in places which are arid where the Railway Station is the unloading point.

It is continually losing freight traffic to road. Advantages of the road transport It is the cheapest mode of transport. Since then, it has been a phenomenal journey for the Railways in India. The prestressed concrete sleeper is in wide use today. Connectivity with Bhutan is already under construction.

Operational Area Indian railways are vast and connect various areas of the country. Indian Railways divides the country into four zones on the basis of the range of track temperature. As of 31 MarchIndian Railways had 5, diesel locomotives increased from 17 on 31 March3, electric locomotives increased from 72 on 31 March and 42 steam locomotives decreased from 8, on 31 March see Railway Budget Explantory Memorandum.

With no special rights of way, they have to compete with a mixed array of other vehicles as well. It ran between Veyasarpandy and Walajah Road Arcota distance of 63 miles. Water transport makes the large investment in ships and their maintenance. However, there are some areas that are yet to be connected through the railways but are currently under planning.

Locomotives are also called locos or engines. Indian Railways is the country's single largest employer. It also facilitates movement of labors and thereby encourages employment resulting from industrial development and thus economic development.

Majority parts of the railways are electrified now.

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It is the single largest employer in the world. This was possible because Indian Railways makes 70 per cent its venues and most of its profits from the freight sector, and uses these profits to cross-subsidies the loss-making passenger sector.

As on 31 Marchthe total length of track used by Indian Railways was about 1,11, km while the total route length of the network was 63, km. These buses connect major cities and towns. It also plays a significant role in the Indian economy.

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Road traffic is the very cheapest level of transport compare than airway, waterway, and railways. Today, Indian Railways has one of the largest and busiest rail networks in the world.

This means that many passengers are forced to hang perilously outside the train while the ones lucky to be inside are standing back-to-back packed like a tin of sardines. Corruption is rampant in railways and the number of accidents is on the increase.

Indian Railways is a department owned and controlled by the Government of India, via the Ministry of Railways. It creates place utility. India has the great revolution by the transport, and it is entirely the system of the India. With the help of water transport, the passengers and goods can go in outside of the country.

Indian Railways is the country's single largest employer. Indian Railways is a vertically-integrated organization that produces majority of its rolling stock at in-house production units, with a few recent exceptions.

The Chittaranjan Locomotive Works in Chittaranjan manufactures electric locomotives, and the Diesel Locomotive Works in Varanasi makes diesel and electric locomotives.

Aug 15,  · History of Indian railway,in this train video have narrated a brief history of Indian railways with some important facts about our independence struggle. first Indian train,First air conditioned.

Short Paragraph on Indian Railway System Category: Blog, Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 12, By Gyan The most important means of transport in India is the railway system.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec The story of the Indian Railways (IR) is truly a “Turnaround”. After almost being declared bankrupt in according to the Expert Group, the Indian Railways is today, “India’s second largest profit making Public Sector Undertaking, only next to ONGC” (Raghuram, ). Indian Railways.

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Synopsis: The history of Indian Railways goes back to Since then it has grown into a vast network. It is the single largest employer in the world. But there are many challenges before it including tough competition from private sector in transportation by roads. Indian Railways played a vital role in the 1 Essay on Railways Ministry of Railways The beer was dubbed Indian Pale Ale or IPA for short.

IPA was developed to survive those long voyages from England to India without spoiling, because of the increasing.

Short essay on indian railways
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